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cre8domain.name self-explanatory section displaying the name details of a domain featuring clickeven
cre8.day eg. 24OCT2023 the date a domain name was created and registered with a registrar (see rgstrar.name)
dopt.day date of the occasion when a 'pre-loved' or created by someone else domain was 'adopted'
cre8cost.money currency and domain registration fee (unknown for dopt.day domains)
doptcost.money currency and purchase fee of an already created, 'pre-loved' domain (so far, all US$05.00 from registrar NAMECHEAP's marketplace, except for clickeven.com from IONOS
renewl.date eg. 24OCT2024 registration expiry / renewal date
renewlcost.moneyregistration renewal amount approximation based on initial purchase price and indicative fees by registrar (at time of writing)
rgstrar.name eg. IONOS ~ varied name of Registrar utilised to purchase / register / renew domains / web hosting etc.
overnabove.com 'TBA ~ to be advised' current default. update after hugstable reLaunch

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